Friday Sermons

Lessons From the Story of the Prophet Joseph (S)Listen now (29 mins) | How the Prophet Joseph (S) responded to the seduction of the wife of the “Aziz” holds lessons for us all.
Living up to Your Best PotentialListen now (15 mins) | Every day, we have the potential to be better than the Angels...or, worse than an animal.
Never Despair of the Soothing Mercy of GodListen now (26 mins) | No matter what we’ve done, we must never give up on ourselves or anyone else. Sermon delivered on August 18, 2023.
The Deadly Danger of Pornography Listen now (30 mins) | It is so destructive, and we need to be ever vigilant against its lure and temptation. And yet, if we are struggling with this…
A popular Hadith of the Prophet, upon whom be peace, needs to be looked at in a new light.
The 'Abundant Life' of Spiritual MigrationListen now (31 mins) | While we cannot be among those who made the first Migration for God, we can migrate spiritually every single day. And we will…
Achieving Miracles in Our Daily LivesListen now | Delivered July 7, 2023
Lessons From the Prophet's Last SermonListen now | The last sermon of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) offers timeless advice for believers. We should heed them for our own good. Delivered on…
“Oh…he’s the ‘Imam Al ‘Asabee….” Not infrequently, that is how people recognize me when I give a Friday Sermon: “He’s the ‘Passionate Pastor’.”
We must be ever vigilant against the "relentless whisperer."
And so, when He asks things of us, shouldn't we simply say, "Yes, Lord"?