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A Prayer of Thanksgiving

A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Lord of God, we cannot thank You as You truly deserve. Nevertheless, accept our acts of gratitude.

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In the name of God, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful.

“So glory be to God when you enter upon the evening and when you rise in the morning. His is the praise in the heavens and on the earth when the sun declines and when you reach the noon tide. He brings forth the living from the dead and brings forth the dead from the living and he revives the earth after its death and even so you shall be brought forth.” (Qur’an 30:18-20)

Lord our God, we thank You for the heavens and the earth.

We thank You for the sky.

We thank You for the sun.

We thank You for the warmth.

We thank You for the cold.

We thank You for the rain.

We thank You for the sunshine.

We thank You for the wind.

We thank You for food.

We thank You for sustenance.

We thank You for the winter.

We thank You for the dark.

We thank You for the light.

Lord our God, we would not be anything without You and without Your grace and Your love and Your compassion and Your wisdom and Your kindness and Your beauty despite the ugliness of our sin.

Lord our God, as we get gather together to give thanks to You, bless us and shower upon us your mercy and Your forgiveness.

Allow us to thank You as you should be thanked, Lord our God.

We thank You for everything that You've granted and all the warmth and the grace.

And we ask that You bring Your peace and Your blessings, and Your calm, and Your help, and Your mercy, and Your love upon everyone that's suffering in this earth, in the Holy Land, and then around the Holy Land, and all across this world.

Lord, we thank You for everything You've blessed us with, and we can never thank You as You should be thanked.

We can never show gratitude as You deserve to be shown gratitude.

Nevertheless, despite our shortcomings, accept from us all acts of gratitude to the best of our ability.

Allow us to be as grateful of servants as possible.

In Your Most Holy Name, O Lord, do I ask this.


A Faithful Word
The Passionate Pastor Podcast
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