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A Prayer For Peace in the Holy Land

A Prayer For Peace in the Holy Land

For far too long, Lord, the land You sanctified has been poisoned by the blood of the innocent.

Most Holy God, Lord of the universe and the Lord of hosts, Lord of Abraham and Ishmael, Lord of Abraham and Isaac, Lord of Jesus Christ and Muhammad, upon all of them be peace.

Lord, we have witnessed barbarity in the land that You made holy.

Lord, the land and soil that you sanctified has been poisoned by the blood of the innocent.

Lord, the rage of hatred has taken so much innocent life, life that You made sacred.

It's painful to watch from afar, and it's painful to endure the consequences which occur from afar as well.

Lord, we ask You for peace.

We ask that the children of Abraham come together in peace.

Lord, the cries of a child are as tragic no matter the ethnic background or religious faith.

The anguish of a mother is the same no matter whether Israeli or Palestinian.

Lord our God, the pain of loss is the same. The blood that bleeds is the same. The humanity that cries out is the same.

Lord our God, it's distressing to watch what's happening. You have the power to bring together the children in peace.

Lord, we want a future where Israeli children and Palestinian children play together in parks, grow up together, and together make the world a better place from the Holy Land, the land which You sanctified and made sacred.

Lord our God, help us bring peace to that part of the world.

Lord our God, protect our communities here at home.

Bring us together and do not let the hatred of others move us to commit injustice.

Let us pursue justice as scripture tells us to do.

Lord our God, we ask for Your help to bring an end to the suffering that we see and the devastating loss of life.

In Your Most Holy Name do I ask this.


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